Academic Year

The Elementary Section of the Victoryland Smart Schools runs the International Primary Curriculum, (IPC) the curriculum is a child centered and teacher friendly curriculum.  It enable students to take responsibility for their learning by being involved in activities such as planning, researching, recording, interacting with teachers and other students and assessing learning

The IPC focuses on developing children’s learning through a structure based on learning goals which is made up of subject, personal and international goals. These goals are specific statements of what children should know, be able to do or develop an understanding of. The goals are attained as the students explore the IPC of learning.

During the Junior Elementary (Transition to Basic 2) education, we seek 7 things

Ensure that pupils receive optimum tuition in order to maximize attainment and enhance their general development.

Emphasize the importance of developing the core skills in Literacy and Numeracy.

Offer further specialist tuition, if needed, to pupils experiencing difficulties in achieving satisfactory performance levels.

Provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment in which happiness and application flourish side by side.

Advise, guide and train the child to develop appropriate behavioral skills at individual and group levels.

Introduce another modern language, offering the challenge of learning a different form of communication.

Offer the right challenges within a well supervised and caring environment to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.

Senior Elementary (Basic 3 to 5)

Without losing sight of the initial objectives, the senior elementary stage extends the challenges offered.  The curriculum becomes more specialized, with the addition of new knowledge and skill training as detailed below: