Victory land Schools operate Nigerian, blended with British and American Curriculum. Our students are also exposed to various co-curricular activities in addition to basic curriculum. Our curriculum is constantly enriched to ensure steady progression and relevance to the demand of a consistently dynamic society.

The Pre –school section of Victoryland Schools is a specially-prepared Montessori environment.  Laying solid foundation for children aged 18 months to 5+.  All our pupils follow an adapted form of the Montessori Method of child education which is regarded throughout the world as unsurpassed in its ability to help younger children achieve their full potential.

Teaching Approach

The teaching approach is child-centers.  It neither imposes on the child nor does it abandon him/ her in total free play.  Each class is equipped with Montessori didactic materials in five Montessori curriculum areas.

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Science and Technology
  • Physical and Health Education (PHE)
  • Civic Education
  • Social Habit Subjects
  • Child’s Mother Tongue (Yoruba)

These provide formative activities for the pupils within a carefully planned & structured environment in which the child can learn and grow at his/her own pace, along the lines of natural development, with the teacher acting as a guide, facilitator and encourager.

The child is allowed to move freely around the classroom, talking to other children, working with any equipment he/she choosesAn experience of the natural environment is given to help the child achieve harmony with nature.

An experience of the natural environment is given to help the child achieve harmony with nature.

Through exercises on the care of the environment, care of self and development of social skills, the child gains social awareness.

The carefully planned and structured environment develops in the child a sense of orderliness and an awareness of order in the external world.

The environment is aesthetically pleasing and simple, developing a sense of beauty in the child.

This develops the child’s awareness, helps build the required concepts for learning and sounds necessary for appropriate language development.

Our Pre-school classes are divided into five levels: